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Many a times, when the screen goes blank, it’s common that we get irritated or annoyed. But, before finding the reason, we express out anger in the form of hitting the remote, or pating the TV or checking with the cable connection line directly. Many a times the reason could be something else and the analysis that you are doing would be no where related. So, how do you know what has happened to your aerial box and why it isnt working? How do you check about it?

Well, here are few simple tips to check your aerial connection.

The first way is to check in the Aerial Force Poole socket. Check if there is any problem there, by connecting it to another device and check. Now, check if the TV is working good! Sometimes even a dummy TV would be the cause. So, remove the cable line from one socket and plug it into another and check, if its working, then your TV is fine. If it doesn’t work, then your TV has a problem and aerial connection is fine. The next step is to check for the Signal! You need to check the TV signal, which requires you to have a aerial tester. They are available at the installers, who can and generally conduct these tests. The most common tester comes with a LED light and works if the Signal is good. so, you don’t need any out of the box brain to analyse and know this. Well, now let’s see how to avoid these problems altogether, by fixing the antenna right. So, read to know about the complete installation process of antenna:

Installing an Antenna, the procedure involved and initial job is explained here:

To install an antenna, you need to give your area code, so that the search finds out the nearest coverage tower and also if you are eligible for it. This process also gives you an insight into what type of antenna is required and which is best for your place, given the amount of population and the cable signal strength.

Choosing an Antenna:

Once you decided about where to install, the place and other details, it's time to think about eth brand and company product that you are going to work with.

There are many companies and brands claiming to give you great number of channels and etc, but we suggest that you choose based on quality and the HD frequency that it can offer.

Positioning the Antenna:

This is one of the biggest tasks in the whole process; Finding the right position to it, and fixing. Below are some basic guidelines for you to follow:

Side of the residence:

Most of us, prefer this spot. Sometimes due to its vicinity to the broadcast towers or due to the only space available. Whatever it is, better capture the direct signal,

In a window:

This sometimes works best; the place without metal screen will work the best. This is one of the best places for an antenna to be! After you have finalised, you might want to check it by connecting to the TV. You might need to experiment with various locations and scan for channels. It might be possible that your TV might be missing on few hidden channels; in that case, you need to rinse and repeat the process, till you find all the channels.


You can customise your channel list, adding or deleting based upon your interest. You can also ditch a channel you don't need and put it at the end, and change the channels according to your interest list.

We still remember playing with this feature, of skipping the channels and finally scanning again and again 'n' number of times to get them back!! Well, that's it for now, we hope you have a great time with your antenna service and enjoy the leisure available. We will be researching on something else, and get back to you with more info on Antenna and its upgrades in the next episode.

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